Exhibitions and sale of images

Exhibitions available for hire :
Vautours en Baronnies – Gard Sauvage- Camargue nature- Chevaux Camargue – Hivernales  japonaises- Nature glacée- Les 4 saisons de l’oiseau– Alchimie – Cévennes et Causses nature. The exhibitions are constituted with 20 to 30 prints  dibond with sizes from 60x40cm to 90x60cm ..
Prints :
Most of the pictures of this website are available.
Art prints are made with Fine-Art paper in  digigraphy processsing. Prints are certified,signed ,numbered  ( not more than  30).
Price depend of size:
Exemples :
30×45 cm :  price  TTC   150   euros
40×60 cm :  price  TTC   300   euros

60×60 cm:   price  TTC   400   euros
50×75 cm:   price  TTC   450   euros
60×90 cm : price  TTC    750    euros

80×120 cm : price  TTC    1050    euros
Reproductions (cheaper price) are also available.
Please contact the author fore more informations
Books :

For prices and description : please go to the books page.